Tips to Create an Impactful Email Signature - Digital Polo Inc

Tips to Create an Impactful Email Signature – Digital Polo Inc

Tips to Create an Impactful Email Signature – Digital Polo Inc

Do you send a lot of emails? What is your email signature? Do you use your name, surname and your designation in your email signature? If the answers of all these questions are yes, you are not creating a lasting impression on those who you send emails. Want some samples of the same check out the article Examples Of Good And Bad Email Signatures .

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Your email signature should catch the attention without being too gaudy. Most people take help from email design agency to help them create a professional email signature design. You can also hire professionals to help you with your email signature design. However, before you get started, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you understand how an impactful email signature is created.

What is the necessity of creating an impactful email signature?

If you are sending a lot of emails, chances are your emails are sent for professional purpose. When you are sending professional emails, your target should be to let people know what you do. Besides, your idea should also be to grab the attention of those who are receiving your emails. So, here are the few things that your email signature must have:

  • Your name, designation and the name of the company: Your name is your first identity. It tells people exactly who they are receiving emails from. If you are representative of a company, include the name of the company and the designation the you hold.
  • The company tag: If the company that you represent have any tagline, that should the second thing you should include in your email signature design.
  • Contact information: No matter what designation you hold in the company, your contact information should be the part of your email signature. If you don’t have a personal number in your company, you can provide the company contact details as well.

  • Logo: Your company logo can be a part of the design. However, including the logo is optional. If you are the CEO of a company and you are sending official emails, the logo along with the name of the company should be there in the email signature. But if you are one of the project managers, your email signature may or may not have the logo of the company included. I personally prefer including the logo no matter what designation you have.
  • Social media handles: Most companies have social media handles in today’s world. While the social media pages may be there on your website, people should also be able to go to your social media pages from your emails.
  • Responsive design: Most people access their emails from their mobile gadgets like phones, tabs etc. Now, when they open your email from gadgets with small screen, the signature should not get cropped. So, the design should be responsive.

It may seem that the email signatures will look too long since there are so many details that you should include. However, you should keep in mind that the signature should not look overwhelming. If your email signature looks long with all the information that you include, you can make changes and include only what’s necessary.

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So, instead of writing the whole address, you can shorten the address and include that. Similarly, avoid including too many phone numbers and stick to one or two contact numbers. If you have lots of social media handles, include the ones that are crucial for you.

Simplicity is what you need:

We all know that simple designs can sometimes draw attention. And that is why an email design agency will always recommend in creating a design that is simple. Having too much information can ruin the purpose of having an email signature altogether. So, make sure that the design is not too busy. Include information that you must include and get rid of the rest.

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Simplistic design not only ensures that you include only the necessary information but it also makes the information easy to scan for the viewers. So, if you have been using an email signature that is too long, this is the time to make the change.

Include professional photos:

Many of us prefer including an image of ourselves in the email signature design. While using image helps the reader connect with you even more, it is extremely important to understand the type of images that you should use.

Never ever use a selfie or a cropped image in your email signature. Instead, make an effort to click a professional photo and include that in your signature. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your photo looks professional enough.

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  • Use a neutral such as white or beige background to click the photo in front of
  • Use formal dress and groom yourself properly so that you look neat and clean
  • Look at the camera directly so that your image looks more approachable
  • Instead of using a full body image, use your headshot to get a more professional look
  • Don’t use images that are so big that it makes every other piece of information appear unnecessary. Besides, large images will also take longer to load.

You may use or avoid using a photo in your email signature. However, it is seen that signatures with photo gets more positive response as the signature comes across as friendly. This is a great tactic for you if you are in sales department or if you offer freelance service.

Use black and white for a balanced look:

Your business may belong to an industry where you have to maintain a balanced look. So, you can’t really incorporate colors in your design. However, you can still create an impact with the help of black and white combination. While colorful email signatures are great, you can grab the attention with the evergreen combination as well. You simply have to understand how you can create the impact.

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An email design agency can help you with choosing the design of the email signature. The font is extremely important in creating a design that is catchy. Since black and white email signatures give a more formal appearance, this is the ideal type of signature if you belong to the law or finance industry. Many of you may think that using black and white gives a traditional look. However, the design can look modern given that you use the right approach.

Make it colorful:

If you are not from a very formal industry, you can use colors in your email signature as well. Using colors is the easiest way to catch the attention of the viewers. However, it is very easy to go overboard when using colors in your digital signature. That is why it is important for you to use colors wisely.

Again an email design agency can help you out with the choice of colors that is suitable for your email signature depending on the industry your business belongs to. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • First and foremost, don’t use too many colors
  • Don’t use colors that clash with each other such as red and purple or sky blue and golden yellow
  • It is best to stick with pastel shades if you are not sure about using bright colors. If you want to use bright colors, hire a graphic design agency that can help you out
  • Use white space so that the colors don’t look flashy. Besides, using two or three colors or shades of same colors will allow you to create a polished finish

Most businesses nowadays choose to create colorful email signatures. While creative agencies use more colors to create an impression, others keep it simple yet attractive.

Keep your options open:

When it comes to creating an email signature, you should have a design that is flexible. This is applicable for those of you who are employed under a company. If you change your company or if you change your job role within the organization, you can simply change the company name or the designation. It will save your time and effort to go through the process of creating another email signature.

Now, you may ask what a flexible design is. A flexible email signature design is a template where you can use different designs and colors depending on the industry you belong to. Generally, a design agency can help you out with creating flexible template for your email signature.

If you don’t want to a repetition in your email signature design, this is the best way to create multiple designs. This method is also helpful if you own your own company. How and why you may ask. Let me explain it to you.

The first thing is that having different types of email signature templates can help you in providing your employees with official email signatures if and when needed. Since each of them will have different job responsibilities, the email signatures should also be different. However, you would also like to maintain uniformity since they are sending emails on behalf of your company. So, the templates will help in establishing brand image without being similar to each other.

Make it look modern:

No matter what type of email signature design you choose, try and make it look modern. Remember that we are living in a modern world. People are thriving to establish their brands as contemporary. While there are brands that want to retain the traditionalism, most brands want the modern look and feel in their designs. Furthermore, there are many industries that are relatively new.

If you also belong to one such industry or you just want the modern vibe, your email signature design should reflect the same. Make sure that the design of your signature is clutter free as simplicity shouts modernism. Use fonts that are crisp and simple. Avoid using calligraphic fonts as those will make the design look conventional. Also, never use comic fonts to give it a modern touch. Comic fonts give the design a childish look, which is definitely not something that you’re looking for.

Keep updating the design:

Creating an email signature design is not where your work ends. You should keep updating the design from time to time. Suppose you have changed your contact number. Don’t forget to update that in your design. You may also need to change the colors or the arrangement of your email signature design.

I recommend taking help from professional email design agency such as Digital Polo. The agency has professional designers who have years of experience in creating email signature designs for different companies. Hence, you not only get a professional design but you also get multiple templates that you can save. Besides, the company offers unlimited revisions, which is great if you want to make changes in the design. If you choose the Soulmate plan, you can get unlimited design works done along with promised fast delivery. So, what are you waiting for? Do try to create an email signature that looks classy and catchy at the same time.

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