Design is not your specialty. Neither is it your core business, then why waste time with all the grunt work?

Focus on your business, and let us do ALL the design work for your business, for a low fixed, flat monthly fee. You can literally get unlimited work done through us. Get the quality of work produced by big agencies, at a fraction of the cost.

Just keep sending us the details of what you need, and we'll keep delivering tasks in 48 hours or less. Moreover, did we mention, you have unlimited revisions on all your jobs, along with 24 x 7 phone support.


and look at the quality of work we do!

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If you run a business that requires any bit of branding or design work, we can do it all. From Logos to Posters, Banners to Cover pages, we've done all sorts of work for our clients in the past. For a flat, low, and fixed monthly fee - you can ask for whatever you need.

Some of the Most Common Requests

We do almost all design work, so even if you don't find something listed below, don't worry, we'll still do it! Any kind of design work – we have your back covered!







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We have a number of different groups within our team that specialise in different areas of design, so you can be sure that what you receive will be absolutely top notch, and done by experts. Take a look at our Recent work to see what we mean.


You can contact us to talk more about your project

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We've been working with many agencies and small businesses, and it feels great when clients appreciate our work. It is exciting to get such emails and we get pumped up everytime our customers give us such feedback.

  • Awesome job Daniel. I really like the site how it is now, after adding the pics on the pages, it is really looking good!

    Aiden Silvers, Wheelistic Web Design

  • "Love the brochure! thank you. I love the brochure and get compliments on it from other graphic artists."

    Deborah Casey, Recharged Caregivers

  • "I love the logo and am using it on my website and in presentations!"

    Nahid Casazza, Aspyrre

Whether you need a new logo, or have continuous need of design work, we can be of great help. Check out the plans below and subscribe to what suits you best. We know you'll like our work! With UNLIMITED revisions, it can't go wrong.

One task only (can be anything)
2-4 Design Concepts
Delivery in 4 days
Unlimited Revisions
All Source Files Provided
Some Love
(Great if you have a one time requirement such as a logo)
Unlimited Tasks (anything)
Unlimited Design Concepts
48 hours Delivery Promise
Unlimited Revisions
All Source Files Provided
Lots of love
(This is what most small business owners would want)
Unlimited Tasks (anything)
Illustrations & Drawings
24 hours Delivery Promise
Dedicated Team + 24 x 7 Support
All Source Files Provided
Long Night Chats
(This is what you need if you are a big company or agency)
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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I become a Reseller?
Absolutely! In fact many of our clients have started new businesses backed by our services. You can resell services and get everything done by us for a flat fee.
2Is Digital Polo good for Me?
Well, graphic design is not your core business, then why not hire us and save a lot of time and hassle. Let our experts cater to your needs. Moreover, DigitalPolo can be really cost effective and helpful if:
  • If you hate doing grunt work such as resizing images, removing backgrounds, converting to vectors, etc.
  • If you have multiple design jobs every month.
  • If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with unreliable freelancers every time.
  • If you need flat rate pricing, and don't want to negotiate with providers every time you need something.
  • If you are looking for a good quality design company with affordable rates.
  • If you feel you can relate to any of the following reasons stated above, then give us a try, and we'll make you happy.
3What kind of work do you do?
Literally, all kinds of graphic design work including Logos, Flyers, Banners, Business Cards, Power Point Templates, Brochures, Ads, Social Media Graphics, E-Book Covers, E-Book Templates, Pamphlets, Restaurant Menus, Posters, Podcast Cover Art, Email signatures, White Background Images (good for product pictures), infographics, complex illustrations, drawings, digital paintings … And almost everything you can imagine, or want us to do.
4Is it really Unlimited as you mentioned?
It is. Seriously. You can ask as many tasks as you want. A task is defined as a single job, which we will finish and deliver to you and then begin on your next task. You can ask for as many revisions as you want, and we will keep sending you newer designs. (Revisions are treated as new tasks). We promise to keep delivering work every 48 hours, so you can be sure that your work will be done on time.
5What happens if you send 100 tasks in a day?
No worries at all. We will keep sending you work every 48 hours. There are realistic limits to how much work we can do every day. But we promise to complete all your tasks ASAP.
6Is all your work original? Who owns the rights?
All the work we do is 100% original. When we deliver the work to you, you are the owner of all the artwork. We deliver all RAW files on request. Usually our clients just want JPG, PNG and PDF.
1Can I get designs for Multiple Brands?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of brands you want us to work on.
2What details do I need to give to get the work done?
This really depends on the kind of work you want. Most common details which we usually require are:
  • Preferred Style and colors
  • Formats and Sizes
  • Other works which you like, inspirations.
  • And whether the design will be used for print or web.
3How do I submit my work?
It is very easy. You can just keep sending your requirements via email to [email protected] and we'll keep delivering your designs.
4I am not 100% happy with the work
Don't worry. We have you covered, just tell us what you don't like and what needs to be changed. Our plans have unlimited revisions – so we will keep redoing the work till you are 100% satisfied.
5What if things don't work out?
We have a '7 day Money back guarantee Promise' with all our plans. If you don't like our work, simply ask for a refund within the first 7 days, and we'll process the refund.
6Do you have more questions?
We can answer them. Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.

Get in touch with us for any query you may have. Your comments, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome. We usually check our mails multiple times every day, but it may take about 24 hours to reply to your query.