Business Cards: Do You Need One? - Digital Polo Inc

Business Cards: Do You Need One? – Digital Polo Inc

Business Cards: Do You Need One? – Digital Polo Inc

Digitalization: this is the buzz word in today’s world. Everybody is thriving for digitalization. From generating leads to signing a contract, everything is just a click away. There is no doubt that you need to be digitalized if you want to survive the competitive market. However, there are some things that digitalization has not been able to replace.

There’s no point for guessing. A business card is what I’m talking about. If you Google the term, you will get hundreds of business card ideas. Why? It is because a business card is still one of the most viable business tools for owners.

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So, do you also need one? Let’s find out.

Smartphones: Everyone may not have one

Let me guess what you must be thinking. “What? Are these people aliens? How can one not have a smartphone in today’s world?” No matter how correct your questions are, there are people (even business owners) who avoid using smartphones. Now, what would you do if you have to deal with someone who does not own a smartphone? How would you share your details?

Business card is at your aid here. Carrying a bunch of business cards along with you allows you to share your contact information right where you are. The moment you hand over your business card, you create a connection instantly. And it brings us to the second point.

The first impression is the last impression:

When you meet a person regarding your business, you want to impose a longing impression. On one hand, your impression depends on your personality, business proposal, the objective of the collaboration, etc. On the other hand, it all starts with how you introduce yourself.

Now imagine a situation where you are the prospect. And the person approaching you is buried in his phone looking for information about his business to share with you. Would you like it? I know that I would not. I would not even want to share my contact details with someone I am meeting for the first time.

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On the contrary, I would remember and prefer someone who pulls out a business card and hands it over in a professional way during the first meeting. This gesture will make a lasting impression of the person in my mind. Even if I forget about the meeting with the person, the tangible business card will remind me of his business. Now you decide which person do you want to be?

Conventional yet effective marketing tool:

What are the common marketing approaches that you take for your business? Email marketing? Blogging? SEO? You are doing well, I must say. But have you thought that the traditional marketing tool, business card, can be used too?

Let me explain it to you. Suppose you met a prospect in a trade fair or while you are traveling. What would you do? Email the person? Direct him to your website? None of these seems feasible, right? But you can definitely hand him over your business card. Let the card do the rest of the work. Your business card design must include your contact details along with your website and email address. Once you exchange the card, your prospect has all the details that you wanted to share with him. An effective tool, isn’t it?

A trustworthy image:

Your business is more than your own appearance. Hence, becoming a trusted brand can be hard at times. You may already know this. What you may not know or may have not paid attention to is that your business cards can add legitimacy to your business. Providing the prospective people with timely business cards are not only a professional approach, but it also makes you look prepared all the time. Having business cards show that you are committed to what you do and you take pride in doing that.

Small and convenient:

Business card size is small so that you can fit those in your pocket, wallet, and laptop bag and even in your money clip. However, do not underestimate the power that this small piece of information has. It is no less than any of your other marketing approaches. When you are carrying your business card with you, you are actually taking your marketing effort with you and that too in real-time.

You must remember that there was a time when business people used to keep the received business cards on the table for future reference. You may not see many people doing the same today. But you will see that most business persons have business card holders to store the cards they receive. I’m sure you have one too. My point is that business cards are still preferred because of its convenience. It is like carrying all the necessary information about your business right in your pocket.

Artistic design to promote your business:

Being the owner of a graphics design company, I can tell you that there is no limit when it comes to creating artistic business card design. There are many business card samples that you can check out on the web. I won’t deny that creative business cards are expensive. But the impact it would create on your prospect is irrefutable.

Your prospect may receive many business cards in a day. How would you make yourself stand out in the crowd? How would you make sure that your business card grabs the attention of your prospect? Use an artistic design for the cards. Remember, the first impression is very important. A creative business card will surely create a grand first impression. There are some amazing designs that you can take inspiration from. And if you are not sure which design would suit your business ideology, choose a professional business card company that has expert designers who will make your business card innovative.


So, let me come back to the question again. Do you need a business card? I would say yes, you do. This small rectangle piece of cardboard still is significant enough even in this digital era. You will still hand over your business card once the conversations end with your prospective client or with other business persons. The business card will still be used as a marketing tool in the coming years. Hence, you should cut down on some other expenses and invest in creating an aesthetic business card that will serve as a representative of your business.

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