10 Email Marketing Software That Should Be a Part of Your Arsenal - Digital Polo Inc

10 Email Marketing Software That Should Be a Part of Your Arsenal – Digital Polo Inc

10 Email Marketing Software That Should Be a Part of Your Arsenal – Digital Polo Inc

Not too long ago, email marketing had been written off as an unproductive exercise – one that did not yield the fruit it was supposed to. But that’s all in the past! Now email marketing is one of the most potent weapons at your disposal, and is something you should use extensively if you wish to send personalized messages to your target audience.

In fact, now most marketing gurus agree that email marketing is the way to strengthen your relationship with your target audience, placing it over and above social media. Emails can help you direct the right kind of (read: high) traffic to your website, thereby increasing the chances of your business’ prosperity. But for that to happen, you need to use the best email marketing software out there.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to discuss how to pick the right email marketing software, the top 10 software you should use and their pros and cons so you get a comprehensive idea of the whole thing. Let’s get started.

How to pick the right email marketing software for your business?

Did you know that by the end of the year 2022, there’d be a total of 4.32 billion email users in the whole world? That’s a lot of potential customers if you look at it! That’s not the end of the good news though. The Manifest conducted a survey recently, which revealed that emails can help in increasing engagement as well as improving customer retention rate. So if you want to up your email marketing game, having the right software at your disposal is a must.

That said, the question that arises is how do you know which is the best email marketing software for you? Well, I’ve got some tips laid down for you that can help find a software that ticks. You just need to ensure that the software you finally pick for your business has the following basics covered-

  • The right tool will offer you the facility of audience segmentation through which you will be able to send out your emails to your target audience and not everybody.
  • Email template designs should be a part of the software you chose. They should be customizable as well for maximum convenience.
  • The mark of good software is that they offer multiple features you can use to your heart’s content. Despite being feature rich though, email marketing software should be easy to use so that they don’t take up too much of your time.
  • Seamless integration to the other software you use should be offered by the email marketing software you zero in on.
  • Security and compliance are two factors that cannot be stressed upon enough when you scout the market for email marketing software. Keep customer support as an important criterion too. Trust me, it’ll make all the difference when you face issues.
  • Constant monitoring of the software is an unwelcome hassle. So check if it has the option for automatic scaling up before deciding on it.
  • The ideal email marketing software must be able to handle a large volume of emails efficiently and quickly. So make sure the one you go for has this feature.
  • The tool of your choice should be able to churn out a detailed performance analysis of your email marketing campaign.
  • Finally, the email software you fix on should fit into your budget. Don’t worry if your budget is way too tight. Plenty of free email marketing software exist as well.

As long as the email software you pick out is able to fulfill the above basic requirements, you’re good to go! A word of advice though? Make sure you include your brand’s logo in your emails. The logo should be simple, instantly recognizable and memorable. If you don’t have one like that, you might want to design a logo that fits the bill.

The 10 best email marketing software for you to try

Now that we’ve cleared up the air on what qualifies as the best email marketing software, let’s direct our attention to the best software you can use for your email marketing campaign in no particular order-

1. ActiveCampaign

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2yeovz2

Although this list does not follow any particular order, if I had to choose one email marketing software that comes out right on top, I’d give the crown to ActiveCampaign. It has a lot going on for it. Currently, over 60,000 organizations swear by ActiveCampaign and it’s not hard to see why. The software is extremely feature-rich with some very handy tools such as global variables and conditional content.

Starting Price: $9/month


  • Feature-rich
  • Customizable


  • Sluggish and confusing interface for first-timers
  • Few pre-designed email templates

2. SendinBlue

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/1qma8OR

Whether you’re sending transactional mails or engagement ones, SendinBlue offers you the option to handle both with ease. The email builder offers neat tricks such as drag-and-drop, which allow you to create mobile optimized mails without hassle. The design templates at SendinBlue are quite responsive and highly customizable too.

Starting Price: $25/month


  • Responsive design
  • 9000 free emails each month
  • Easy tracking


  • Doesn’t allow third-party integration
  • No option for Double Optin newsletters

3. Hubspot

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2VPon8I

HubSpot is a name to reckon with when it comes to marketing. It’s a trustworthy choice, so you don’t have to worry if you are a first-timer. And if you still don’t believe that, take the word of the 48,0000 companies that use HubSpot daily. This software is loaded with features and serves as the perfect email marketing software for small businesses.

Starting Price: $50/month


  • CRM integration
  • Plenty of features


  • SEO features are half-baked
  • Limitations in workflow
  • Steep price

4. MailChimp

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2fujeNO

Just like HubSpot, MailChimp enjoys immense popularity. Especially among small businesses! The no-code interface is extremely easy to use, with crafting emails proving to be a breeze due to its campaign builder. MailChimp doesn’t skimp on features and you get all the basics and then some. That said, MailChimp is particularly known for its browsing behavior analytical services, which can help your business grow immensely.

Starting Price: $10/month


  • Plenty of third-party integrations
  • Useful analytics
  • Flexibility in pricing


  • Unclear pricing policies
  • Lacking reporting functionality

5. FreshMail

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2PYk1Xu

The best part of FreshMail is that it’s entirely cloud-based so you don’t lose any data. Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, the interface of the software is intuitive and suitable for those who are not skilled at coding. As a bonus, you get industry-specific templates to speed up email creation. You can’t go wrong with FreshMail. Its in-built auto-responder alone makes it one of the best email marketing software out there.

Starting Price: $14/month


  • Free trial without time limit
  • Auto-responder is very handy
  • Intuitive interface
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Pricing table is a bit confusing
  • Only paid users get access to phone support

6. Zoho Campaigns

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2Jp1mmk

Zoho Campaigns is the email marketing tool of Zoho and it does not disappoint. Catering to small and medium-sized businesses, Zoho can help you create, send as well as track all of your emails. If you are a part of the Zoho ecosystem, this is a great choice due to the seamless integration it offers with other Zoho apps. You can track recipient activity and measure engagement with the help of Zoho Campaigns.

Starting Price: $6/month


  • Option of a free plan
  • Convenience of pay-as-you-go as well as monthly plans
  • Auto-responding facility
  • Facility of Google Analytics tracking


  • Access to only basic templates
  • Out-of-date UI

7. Constant Contact

Image courtesy: https://conta.cc/2VVpzHm

Is your email campaign based on newsletters? Constant Contact is the email marketing software for you! This software works quite well if you are running a B2C campaign. Founded in 1995, Constant Contact has proven trustworthy and sends out 200 million emails per day for its clients! Although Constant Contact has all your usual bells and whistles, it lacks inspiring email templates.

Starting Price: $20/month


  • Intuitive UI
  • Flexible editing modes
  • Extensive third-party integration


  • On the expensive side of things
  • Lack of revenue-tracking feature

8. Campaign Monitor

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2Yg0MeW

If simplicity is what you are looking for, Campaign Monitor can satisfy that need. This email marketing software for small businesses is loaded with features such as drag and drop editor, which can help speed up your work. Campaign Monitor is highly suitable if your focus lies on transactional emails.

Starting Price: $9/month


  • Powerful software with a more than capable email builder
  • Intuitive UI
  • Helpful auto-responding facility


  • Importing contacts is a painful process
  • Missing support channels

9. Wix ShoutOut

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2Q5Cpw9

Another one for small businesses, Wix ShoutOut has been designed to simplify the task of building and sending emails. You can freely customize the emails you create with this software, whether it’s in terms of fonts, color, backgrounds or anything else. With Wix’s platform, you can be sure your emails will work fluidly on both mobile and desktop devices.

Starting Price: $4.90/month


  • Easily customizable templates
  • Mobile-ready templates
  • Useful mail list management tool


  • Lack of a free trial
  • Incapable of handling large mail volumes

10. SmartrMail

Image courtesy: https://bit.ly/2DVCajV

SmartrMail can help you create personalized emails that connect with your target audience without much hassle. The upside to that is you’ll witness an increase in sales as all the emails composed are based in the consumer’s purchase history. A neat mobile view for all the emails composed is one of the hallmarks of SmartrMail.

Starting Price: $29/month


  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Seamless integration with third-party
  • Accurate campaign tracking


  • Difficult to set up automated campaigns
  • Limited customizations

As you can see from the list above, each of the software mentioned here have their pros and cons. So if you’re looking for a magically perfect email marketing software that proves to be a master of all trades, you might be disappointed.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the above ones a shot! These are the crème de la crème of the software out there. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the software you pick should fit into your requirements and budget and match your webpage designs.

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