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Get your website up and running in just 48 hrs. We are Digital Polo Web, A WEBSITE MAINTENANCE AND DESIGN COMPANY. Need someone to maintain and look after your website, while you can focus on your Business?

At Digital Polo Web, we specialise in Website maintenance, updates, and design. We'll do whatever is necessary to make your business flourish on the internet. We are a focussed team. Our goal is to become a one stop solution for all your website related needs. So, plugin updates, content changes, design refresh, new feature addition, bug checking, hosting and server issues, SEO optimisation - you name it, and our website design and development team will be able to help.

You would prefer to spend your time growing your business, rather than worrying about your website? correct? Digital Polo Web is here to help!


and look at the quality of work we do!

We are quick and organised when coding your website, optimizing it's speed and efficiency! Whether you need banner updates, or even a complete new website, our team can take it up.

Some of the Most Common Requests

We have WP Experts in our team who can virtually provide whatever updates you want. We can create crisp and elegant fresh designs for your new site delivering great UX. HTML and PHP coding is our core area of expertise. Any site using PHP can be maintained by us!







Coffee Created


Here are some of the websites we've showered our magic upon. Big and small, E-commerce and Corporate, Wordpress or Custom PHP, you'll find all kinds of websites that we have maintained, hosted and built..


You can contact us to talk more about your project

We've been working with many agencies and small businesses, and it feels great when clients appreciate our work. It is exciting to get such emails and we get pumped up everytime our customers give us such feedback.

  • Awesome job Daniel. I really like the site how it is now, after adding the pics on the pages, it is really looking good!

    Aiden Silvers, Wheelistic Web Design

  • "Love the brochure! thank you. I love the brochure and get compliments on it from other graphic artists."

    Deborah Casey, Recharged Caregivers

  • "I love the logo and am using it on my website and in presentations!"

    Nahid Casazza, Aspyrre

Our team of developers and designers specialise in maintaining websites, and ensure that the customers and clients that visit your website have a good experience.

Whether you need some problems to be fixed, or errors to be corrected - our team can handle it all. From text changes, to photo updates, and even managing your e-commerce website - you can send all your requirements over email, and we'll take care of it. So you can be sure, that there is ALWAYS someone who you can contact in case you need help.

Text Updates
Photo Updates
Coding Fixes / Updates
Up to 2 hours work
SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress
Some Love
(This is what you need if have only minor updates on your site)
Text and Photo Updates
Coding Fixes and Updates
Plugins and SEO Optimisations
Newsletter Configuration
Upto 5 hours of work
Lots of love
(For all Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix sites)
Text, Photo and Plugin Updates
Coding Fixes, Newsletter Optimisation
SEO and Speed Optimisations
Upto 12 hours of work
24 hrs delivery for urgent changes
Long Night Chats
(This is what you need if your business depends a lot on your website)

More Awesome Features and Benefits

1Proactive Website Maintenance
We constantly monitor your site to ensure it performs optimally. We also make it a point to regularly update and maintain web installations that are unique to your sites. Critical updates such as version updates or security patches are carried out immediately. These are billable and are added to your account once done. Non-critical updates are sent for your approval in ticket form before they can be carried out.
2Bankable Hours on all our Plans
Left with unused hours at the end of the month? You can bank them. Hours left unused are stored with us for a total of 3 months. However, due to the proactive nature of our services, unused hours are lost after the 3 months are over. Excess hours (those exceeding the monthly plan) are chargeable @ $45/hour at the end of a calendar month. If you cancel the plan, the remaining hours will expire immediately.
3Do you own Multiple Websites?
No problem! You can use the time purchased for your all your domains at once or individually on a need-basis. We will keep a track of the work done on all domains and report the time to you at the domain level. The facility of standard website hosting is a part of our multi-domain services. You can link a maximum of 10 email accounts on each maintenance plan you select.
1Time Tracking System
We have developed a unique system to keep tabs on time. This system tracks all activities such as website maintenance and keeps a record of its details on your account. You can request us for the report any time you want.
2Online Ticket System
You can put in your request by emailing us directly. The email you send to us will generate a traceable ticket. This helps us expedite the process quicker as your request is queued for completion.
3Rapid Response and Solutions
Our aim is to take a maximum of 2 business days for a task that takes less than 2 hours to finish. In most cases, we complete your request within hours of you sending it out. We do not offer onsite or in-person work.
4No Contracts or Commitments
You are not forced to stick with us if you don’t want to. We prefer earning your business, which is why all our plans are designed on a month-to-month basis and offer you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade.

Get in touch with us for any query you may have. Your comments, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome. We usually check our mails multiple times every day, but it may take about 24 hours to reply to your query.