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Production Holiday List 2021

Digital Polo – Production Holiday List for 2021

Workaholics like us need a break too! Yes, the occasional holidays make us more creative 🙂
Here is a list of Holidays during which our production team in India and Hong Kong will not be available (our marketing offices in UK and USA would still be available to take calls). So we would request all our clients to plan their design tasks accordingly – either prior to such holidays or later when we are back.

Republic Day: January 26, Tuesday
Holi: March 29, Monday
Bengali New Year: April 15, Thursday
Good Friday: April 2, Friday
Labor Day: September 6, Monday
Saptami: October 12, Tuesday
Ashtami: October 13, Wednesday
Navami: October 14, Thursday
Dashami / Dussehra: October 15, Friday
Diwali: November 4, Thursday
Thanksgiving: November 25, Thursday